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Indoor Officials Chair News and Information

Southern Region Officials Information

Registration – Any questions on Registration, please go to SRVA.Org and Select Home/memberships.

Background Check & SafeSport requirements will be included in your individual SportsEngine account.

There is a new Learning Management system coming this season. 

More information regarding the new training system is coming in October / November.  This system will be tied into SportsEngine for an improved user experience.



USAV has added new approved uniform shirt for volleyball officials. Now that these shirts are in production, it is a good time to clarify USA Volleyball’s policy regarding officials’ uniforms at USAV Championship events.
Officials contracted to work at Southern Region events will be permitted to wear the new blue or gray officials’ volleyball polo shirts, along with the new white shirt.

First and second referees do not have to match colors at region events.  Assigned scorers and line judges can either match the referees or be in the default white. Specific instructions for national events will be decided on and communicated by the Head Officials for those events.

It is NOT required that any official go out and buy any other color besides the white. White is ALWAYS the default. The patch will be worn no matter what color polo you are wearing. The old white polo shirt (without piping) are no longer acceptable at any USAV nationally sanctioned qualifiers or tournaments. 

Guidelines regarding the proper uniform can be found on the Volleyball Referee training site
 Indoor Officiating Resources Page.

The new uniform shirts are available at

Other official uniform items can be ordered from the following approved providers:


Southern Region Championships

Come one! Come All!   Block the dates for our SRVA Regional Championships: April 24-25.   More information to follow.


The region is still coordinating training.  Please check back often for updates.

New volleyball training is currently being scheduled.  If you would like to attend a new officials training session, please email Mark Prater with your interest.

NEW THIS YEAR:  Provisional & Regional Training is currently being scheduled.  This training will be offered to those that are having difficulty in the past of receiving their region required ratings, per the region handbook.  If you would like to attend this training, please email Mark Prater with your interest.

Southern Region Volleyball Association Partners

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Thanks to QuestionPro's wide range of free survey templates designed by industry experts. We now know exactly where to improve.