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SRVA Board Approves Changing the Tryout Policy for the 2023 Season

By Southern Region Association, 01/23/23, 6:15PM EST


Major Changes Announced

The Southern Region Board of Directors takes seriously its role to protect the welfare of all its members. We feel that this revised policy allows earlier tryouts that are more aligned with the realities facing the current times. That is, clubs have the independence to operate within their own framework and time schedule, while still abiding by regional policies. The Southern Region Board of Directors will continue to encourage our member clubs to conduct responsible tryouts that protect the interests of the athletes by respecting school athletic calendars, to work with other clubs in their immediate area to schedule tryouts that allow the athletes to attend tryouts from as many clubs as they wish, as a courtesy to the players and other clubs provide a 4-day decision window and to respect the commitment policies of the Region. Families are encouraged to support clubs that enact policies and procedures that also support those ideals. We will continue to look for ways to issue and administer policies in the region that serve the interest of ALL our constituents – players, coaches, club directors, parents, and officials – and which are fair for all.

*Prior to making this change the SRVA surveyed our club directors to get their opinion as to whether we should change our current policy, a majority of the respondents voted that a change was needed (yes 60%/no 35%/other 5%). Based on that feedback and research into how this change has affected surrounding regions the motion was brought forward and approved.

In their Jan. 8th meeting the SRVA Board of Directors approved the following motions which become effective immediately.


  • Tryouts for Girls’ youth and junior athletes for the next USAV season may take place at any time after the completion of the prior season’s final Girls’ USAV Junior National Championships.
  •  Athletes or their Guardians may officially select and commit to a USAV club in the Southern Region beginning on September 1st of each year.
  •  Once an Athlete or their Guardian has accepted a club invitation in SportsEngine that acceptance will be binding for the entirety of the current club season which begins on September 1st of each year.
  • Athletes may only affiliate with one indoor club during the USAV indoor club season which ends at the completion of the final USAV Girls’ Junior National Championships.
  • Requests for transfers to another indoor club will be handled in accordance with the Southern Region Athlete/Member Transfer Policy.
  • It is the responsibility of Tryout Hosts and Participants to be careful not to violate any high school or collegiate rules that may apply.
  • A tryout fee no greater than $75 may be collected
  • All personal business/legal commitments made between the club and a player’s family will remain the responsibility of the related parties. The Southern Region will not be responsible for enforcing private agreements. Contracts between a club and family are independent of any region obligations and policies.
  • All club websites must prominently post the SRVA tryout policy or a link to it entitled “Link to the SRVA Tryout Policy” where their tryout information is located.
  • All clubs will also be required to acknowledge the SRVA rules/policies as defined in this Handbook and certify that the SRVA Tryout/Commitment policies were followed as a part of the recruiting/forming the teams being registered BEFORE any team registration can be processed further.
  • Violations of the Tryout/Commitment policies may be subject the club and possibly any athletes involved in the violation to suspension from SRVA along with a non-refundable revocation of all team (possibly club) fees submitted.



An athlete may represent only one club in the same season. A junior cannot transfer clubs without the permission of their current club by being released in SportsEngine.

All permanent transfers are subject to all SRVA-related fees and USAV rules limiting player participation in qualifiers, Nationals or other tournaments.

23/24 Tryouts can be scheduled for any day after July 6th, 2023

24/25 Tryouts can be scheduled for any day after July 11th, 2024

25/26 Tryouts can be scheduled for any day after July 3rd, 2025


  • Does a club have to hold early tryouts? No, a club is free to set tryout dates that best meet their needs for any time after the completion of the prior season’s final Girls’ USAV Junior National Championships.
  • Does a club have to have tryouts? No, having tryouts has never been a requirement, in past years the SRVA set dates that defined when tryouts could start.
  • When can I get added to the roster for the 2023 season? September 1st of 2023 will be the first day that you can accept the club invitation in SportEngine for that season.
  • What if I want to change clubs after I accept the club invitation in SportsEngine? You will need to be released by your current club for this to happen. So please be very sure that you choose the club you want to be with all season.
  • How will my club be handling tryouts? You will need to talk to your current club for those answers.