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*****Please Read This Page Before Signing Up For The Clinic******

The On-Line Clinics are for the Adult Members of the Southern Region Only.

There is a clinic for Referees and a clinic for the Scorekeepers.

    Referee Clinic = All USAV Referees.
  • This year there are two separate presentations for the on-line USAV/SRVA Clinic.
  • The first clinic is an Adobe Flash presentation with a number of ingrained videos within it to help illustrate the finer points of emphasis for this year.
  • This clinic will be taken by ALL USAV Referees.
  • After completing that portion of the clinic, you will be given a link to a clinic that has been specially tailored to fit the needs of the SRVA.
  • You will need a regional password for this portion of you clinic; the password is provided in the USAV clinic.
  • The Password for the ONLINE TEST is in the SRVA specific clinic
  • These clinics are the first step in becoming an In-Process Referee.
    Scorekeeper Clinic = All first time USAV Scorekeepers.
  • The Password for the scorekeepers ONLINE TEST is in the SRVA specific clinic
  • This clinic is the first step in becoming an In-Process Scorekeeper.
  • The password for the Scorekeeper Clinic = SRVA
    Prior to officiating as an In-Process Scorekeeper or Referee you must complete ALL of the following:
  1. Attend/View a SRVA Officials Clinic.
  2. Join the SRVA as a regular member ( memberships expire OCT 1 of each year)
  3. Take the On-line test.
  4. If you will be officiating Juniors volleyball you must be background screened. forms are available on this website. Background screens are good for two years.


Q: What do I need to view the clinic?
A: Adobe Flash installed on your computer, you can get a free copy HERE & Powerpoint installed on your computer, you can get a free PowerPoint Viewer 2007 from Microsoft HERE

Q: I am a junior player can I take the online clinic?
A: No, a Juniors Clinic will be conducted by your Club or Coach.

Q: I went to a clinic last year do I have to attend again this year?
A: If your name does not appear on the Certified Officials list, you must complete/attend a SRVA Officials clinic either online or in person prior to officiating in the 2008-2009 indoor season.

Q: Why do we have to complete/attend a clinic at all? A: Each team is responsible for providing Certified or In-Process Officials during tournaments,(2 referees, 1 scorekeeper and 1 assistant scorekeeper) this keeps the cost of play down.

Q: I was certified several years ago do I have to complete/attend?
A: Yes, certification must be maintained year to year.

Q: I was certified in another region last year what do I do?
A: Contact either Steve Kenyon or Kim Kenyon : 770-565-8867
Click for the Referee & Scorekeeper Clinics